Who is the best replacement for M.S. Dhoni as wicket keeper in test cricket and why?

Who is the best replacement for M.S. Dhoni as wicket keeper in test cricket and why? by Amit Kumar

Answer by Amit Kumar:

Well this a very interesting question in the cricket loving nation.

There are several candidates who are front runners in the race but in Test Cricket we need a player who should have patience ,courage and lots of determination .

So one needs to have a sufficient experience , some of them whom i see for next 2–3 years are :-

  1. Parthiv Patel – He got inducted in test team very early , he started cricket career before Dhoni did , recent consistent success in Ranji trophy and in IPL makes him top contender for this post.He can resolve opening woos for Team India .
  2. Dinesh Karthik – Another Biggie having vast experience in domestic circle and being a middle order batsman makes him a better choice in Test.
  3. Riddhiman Saha – Already he’s playing and performing well , so we can think of him for next 2–3 years playing for India.But his real test will be on Foreign soil which needs to tested yet.

Test matches are rarely played now a days i.e 5–6 tests per year (if we ignore last year 2016–2017 session, when India played 13 tests, which has been one of the rarest season).

After 2–3 years I have a feeling that 2 current Indian batsman who played in U-19 world cup 2016 can be among the best choice to replace MSD in test cricket.

  1. Ishan Kishan – Having such a wonderful U-19 world cup , top scorer from Jharkhand in Ranji after Ishank Jaggi , which led his team to qualify first time in Semifinal of Ranji Trophy . He has shown his excellent captaincy skills at U-19 and he’s cool like MSD .Presently he is blasting runs for Gujarat Lions. He is still 18 years old. He can open the inning as well as he can play in middle order as per team’s requirement.

Risabh Pant – He is among every one’s mind . He has impressed a lot . He’s a fearless cricketer. He has got all his praises from Cricket Gods like – Sachin ,Saurav, Sehwag etc. He has potential to hit any ball just like Dhoni . He has surely impressed with his batting skills and by his determination .He’s inning of 97 runs against Gujarat Lions has been termed as one of the finest and fearless inning of IPL .

It seems Indian wicket keeping for next coming 10 years seems to be in safe hands and competitive. However MS Dhoni is a legend and legends can never be replaced.

I wish all future cricketers best of luck who are going to Donn Dhoni’s gloves.

Jai Hind

Who is the best replacement for M.S. Dhoni as wicket keeper in test cricket and why?


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