Happy Friendship day !!

Friend in need is friend indeed. This is the perfect oneliner to describe  a buddy . In India and some countries people celebrate it on First Sunday of August every year. Concept of Friendship day came from Paraguay in 1958 .Though several countries started friendship day trend even during World War 1.

In India when we look in past we can find several tale associated about friendship specially of Krishna and Sudama.When Sudama was struggling under poverity then he decided to meet his then Dawarka King and his friend Krishna.

Now when we look into Modern Era. It was again Indian’s who made it Popular during 2000 i.e starting of IT revolution .So  a new incarnation of Friendship day arrived on social media by exchanging greeting cards,flowers ,friendship bands,sweets ,Parties and multiple other gifts .

Without a true friend one’s life become a hell.That is the reason when we are come out from our native for study ,job or other oppertunities it is friend who helps like a brother care like a mother scolds like a Father and even on occasion can cry for you like a lover or sister.So a friend incorporate all those roles.

While enjoyment is always best with buddies but choosing a good friend is always a wise desicion

A friend should not be made by caste,creed ,religion but by his love and care for you.Friends all always the firstone whom we share all our happiness and Problems.

So choose your friend carefully and once choosen don’t ever loose them.



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